Financial Assistance Application
Thank you for inquiring about financial assistance. Review the guidelines for receiving assistance at Please be sure to fill out this form completely for consideration. All information is kept strictly confidential.

Applications for Fall Production are due by July 20. Applications for Fall Classes are due by August 1. We will notify recipients as soon as possible.

Students or Parents requesting Work Study will be asked to meet for an orientation prior to the start of classes or rehearsals.

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If you are requesting assistance for production fees, are you interested in acting as a Committee Chair to receive a 50% discount on fees? Please note there are a limited chairs available on a first come, first served basis. *
How many individuals are in your immediate household? Please include only those considered to be dependents of the primary wage earner. *
What is your estimated household income for 2017? *
Are there any extreme financial circumstances that would affect your ability to attend classes, such as recent job loss or change, extraordinary medical expenses, etc., that may not be reflected in your gross income?
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Are your students currently participating in any other arts programs? Please include theatre, dance, visual arts or music lessons.
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Are you receiving financial assistance from any other classes or extra curricular activities?
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