Site Review Registration
Welcome to the registration page for 2020 Site Reviews! We appreciate your dedication to this process and hope to be of support as you work on your assessment, documentation and meeting.

We will be conducting a Virtual Site Review of your company as part of your recertification process. The questions below are required for us to best support you for this type of review. You will be find resources below to help you prepare for the Site Review. Please respond to this form by the end of January.

Please send this registration page to the primary contact at your company responsible for the B Corp Certification process.
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Scheduling your Site Review Period
In order to be prepared for the Site Review meeting, the following general steps must be completed in advance. B Lab will send you detailed steps of the process as you go:

Week 1. Complete the BIA.
Week 2. Provide preliminary documentation for initial evaluation.
Week 3-4. Upload Site Review supporting documentation
Week 5. Schedule the Site Review Meeting.
Week 6. Participate in the Site Review Meeting.
Week 7. Complete any follow ups requested after Site Review Meeting.
Week 8. Review the Site Review Report as provided by B Lab.
Week 9. Review Outcomes of the Site Review.

See the diagram for the Site Review Period here.
Period Preference: When would your company like to schedule your Virtual Site Review Period? Please note that we aim to be available for your first choice, but this is due to our overall team availability or your company's recertification due date . *
Secondary Period Preference: Please select the secondary period in case there is not availability in your first choice. *
Employee Size of your company: Include number of full time, part time and temporary employees who are currently employed at the company. *
B Impact Assessment Confirmation
Please log into your B Impact Assessment and confirm that your information is accurate for the Company Profile (accessible via Settings > Company Profile). Track confirms the size, sector and industry of your company.

Please note that as of 2019, there is a new version of standards. For more information see this article:
Required Documentation to Prepare: The following initial documents must be submitted (via Impact Assessment). Please provide these documents to the question titled Last Fiscal Year. See how to provide documentation in the Resources section below.
Please note that this is not required before the review and is the preliminary documentation required and the full list of questions for Site Review will be selected once the company submits the assessment.

Profit and Loss Statement
Employee Roster
Employee Handbook
Supplier Code of Conduct
Document Template (Provided once company submits the assessment).
B Corp Certification Requirements and Cancellation of Site Reviews
The Site Review process is a requirement for any Certified B Corp during their recertification year and indeed some B Corps are required to complete a Site Review (virtual or onsite) during each recertification term. As this is a more rigorous review process, companies that complete the Site Review process will have completed the highest level of verification in the B Corp Certification. Unfortunately, B Corps who fail to take the required steps (outlined above) to complete the Site Review process may not maintain their certification in good standing.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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