2019 Chinaway Application
Hi! Welcome to the application for ChinaWay 2019.

In China, you will have opportunities to demonstrate your maturity, leadership and ability to communicate with fellow teammates properly to bring a brighter future to the students in China. However, you should prove here on this application that you can bring a better future to these children, to Chinese communities through your answers to a few short questions.

We prefer applicants who want to do volunteer work, willing to learn and help others. Speaking and listening to Chinese is plus but will not be factored into your application. It will only be considered when we are splitting all accepted applicants to their respective groups.

The application process depends on email, so please make sure the first email is correct and can accept email from info@chinawayusa.com. All questions are required to be answered. We will email applicants whose application has any problem or incomplete.

Chinaway Website:http://chinawayusa.com/

Note that this application can be applied from either WeChat or computer.

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