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Sign up for demonstrations to lead and which shifts you'd like to work! Brain Fest 2019 is on March 16th at Liberty Elementary Recreation Center (3901 Maine Ave).
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On March 14-15th, are you able to help with last minute setup/planning in the evening?
On March 16th, are you able to help with set up (9-10a) or break down (4-5p)? *
Would you prefer being a general volunteer for tasks such as greeting, vending, announcements, guides, etc?
Would you like to assist in advertising/social media efforts for the event (taking pictures/videos, posting to social media, taking exit surveys)?
Would you like to lead a demo at the event? Please select your preferences and indicate which shifts you are able to work.
Shift 1 (9:30a-1p)
Shift 2 (12:30p-4p)
Cerebrospinal fluid
Human-human interface (backyard brains)
Sound discrimination
Smartphone microscope
Comparative brain anatomy
Odor mixing
Retronasal olfaction
Visual tests/optical illusions
Drunk goggles
Fake hand science
Brain freezing (referred sensation)
Abstract brain painting (art area)
Build a neuron (art area)
Brain cap construction (art area)
Clay brain modeling (art area)
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