hydrocontrol - the way forward
I'm planning to produce a small batch of 100 PCBs. It would be helpful to hear from you, what kind of ELC you need.
This will help me to optimize the features and the price of the PCB.

Also I'm currently contemplating to publish the whole design as open source, if enough people show interest.
(Because it's a lot of work to document everything, so other people can make sense of it :-)

Please fill this quick survey and let us know your needs (your answers will be anonymous).
What kW (Kilowatt) range are you looking for? *
How would you describe yourself? *
Cost versus work *
I would rather build it myself and save money
I would rather buy a complete ELC
If this project would be open source... *
Options *
What options would you pay for?
would not pay for it
nice to have, would pay a bit
very important, must have
Protection features (overspeed etc.)
Mobile phone connection
Network connection
Dump load fault check
Water valve control
Different dump load sizes and load priorities
data logging
How many households? *
How many houses receive power from the system?
Ownership *
of the hydro power system
Importance of system uptime *
ELC or IGC *
ELC for synchronous generators or Induction Generator controller for induction motors as generators
First time buyer or experienced person *
If you are looking for a replacement ELC... *
What is the main problem with your current ELC?
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