CSD Parent Needs Assessment
Please complete this form to help us better serve your needs as a parent. Thank you.
My child/children is enrolled in the following grade(s): *
My child's school staff welcomes me and my child and provides a safe, parent friendly atmosphere. *
My ideas and opinions are valued by school staff and I can speak with them as needed concerning the Title 1 program or other special programs. *
I am notified of my student's academic progress often enough to be able to intervene if there is a problem. *
I am aware of the academic standards/skills my child is required to master at his/her grade level and feel that my child is challenged academically because his/her teachers hold high expectations for student learning. *
As a parent, I am aware of the transitional activities and orientations each school provides for parents and students entering Pre-Kindergarten, 6th grade and 9th grade. *
My child needs the most help in the following area(s): *
The assistance provided by Title 1 specialists, interventionists, and teachers who work with my child individually or in small groups is helpful for the academic growth and success of my child. *
I feel there is at least one adult at school my child can talk to when there is a problem. *
My child has been bullied: *
Once I reported the bullying of my child to school personnel, the bullying stopped. *
Technology is being used in the classroom: *
I am aware that the district has a Parent Center with resources such as student computers and skill packets which parents may use at home to reinforce classroom skills as well as a Parent Facilitator on each campus. *
As a parent, I use the following communication tool the most: *
My child's teacher strives to meet the learning needs of my child. *
Which of the following Parent Workshops would you like to see provided for the 2020-2021 school year? *
As a parent, I feel I have a voice and that the district is willing to listen about decisions that may affect my child. *
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