Jet Lag Nation Travel Course Review Request
We are looking for online influencers interested in reviewing one of our full-length travel courses this month!

Please complete and submit the following form. Screenshots of analytics may be requested if you are selected. We are accepting a small number of reviewers at this time and currently looking for those interested in reviewing their experience taking the following course:

Those we accept for reviews will receive complimentary access to 1 of our full-length travel courses under the agreement that he/she will review said course within an agreed upon timeframe and will include certain elements (mentioned below). The review must remain up for a minimum of 2 weeks on Instagram or 1 month on a blog. Screenshots or duplication of the course in any form is not permitted.

Each reviewer will receive a unique 10% off promo code to give to their followers.

Those that take one of our courses will also be given automatic access to a unique affiliate link in their course dashboard which they can choose to earn commission through for every successful sign up, if they wish. Using the affiliate code is not mandatory nor does it guarantee the reviewer will earn commission as it is performance-based.
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If you wish to review on a blog, we require that you include at least 1 travel-related image, an in-depth review of your EXPERIENCE taking our course (please do not include information mentioned in the course) and a direct link (which we will provide) to the sign-up page for the course in your review. Do you agree to this?
If you wish to review on Instagram, we require that your review is a minimum of 4 sentences; that you tag our IG account within those 4 sentences (; and that you post at least 1x to IG story letting people know you reviewed our course and include a swipe-up to a direct link to the course sign-up page (which we will provide). Do you agree to this?
If you wish to review on Facebook, we require that your review is a minimum of 5 sentences; that you include a dynamic travel-related image in your post; that you tag our Facebook page (; and that you include a direct link to the course sign-up page (which we will provide). Do you agree to this?
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Do you agree that if you are chosen to receive complimentary access to one of our courses that you will publish your review within the timeline you stated above on the blog or social media account mentioned above; that you will leave the review up for a minimum of 2 weeks on Instagram or 1 month on a blog; and that you will include the link we give to you in your review so that your followers/readers can view the sign-up page for that course? *
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