BAC Português - Já estudei um pouco Assessment
If you already have a basic foundation of Portuguese, you might be ready for our Level 2 or 3 of BAC's curriculum!
Please fill out this assessment and we will get back to you!
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What is your experience with Portuguese? *
Please answer all questions and give complete answers. If more than one form is required, don't forget to include all, considering number & gender of nouns. Boa sorte!
How do you say Hello in Portuguese? *
How do you say "I, you, she/he, we, you & they"? *
The regular verbs have a pattern of conjugation in Portuguese. They are divided into the verbs ending in -AR, -ER & -IR. Have you been exposed to this concept before? If so, can you briefly explain some patterns? *
Portuguese, like many other Latin based languages, has gender & number of nouns. Have you studied this before? If so, can you give us an example? *
How do you say "THE" in Portuguese? *
Please include all variations according to gender & number.
How do you say "MY" in Portuguese? *
Please include all forms
What does "TRAZER", "DAR" and "FAZER" mean? *
How do you say "THIS" & "THAT" in Portuguese? *
Please include all forms. Remember it's important you already understand number and gender of nouns in Portuguese.
What's the difference between "SABER" & "CONHECER"? *
Please translate: "Eu vou dormir às 11 horas da noite." *
Please translate: "Ela vai trabalhar todos os dias." *
Please translate: "Esse carro é melhor que aquele." *
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