BlackSpecFic 2016 Market Survey
We know that the problem of systemic antiblack racism in the speculative fiction field is complicated. We also know that while we're shedding some light on the issue, we don't have all (or many) of the answers — the only way we get to them is together. So we want to know what everyone else is doing to combat the low publication rates of black writers in the field.

We know that not all publications have equal resources, and that the idiosyncrasies of individual production workflows — and thus, the strategies every publication implements — will be different for every magazine. So we've tried to leave this as open-ended as possible in order to incentivize information sharing.

We may refer to some of these answers in future BlackSpecFic reports, but we'll do so without identifying any one publication, or calling anyone out -- the purpose of this survey isn't to rank magazines, but rather to determine over time which strategies seem to prove effective. If we think it would be helpful to the conversation for us to refer to you explicitly, we will ask you whether you're okay with it first. Contact us at if you have any questions.

We also need your email address. We'll only use it in case we need to follow up with you about your answers, and to send you an email when this survey re-opens in the spring of 2018, in case you want to update your answers. That's it—we promise.

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Have you hired any Black or Non-Black People of Color (NBPoC) onto your publication's staff in the last two years?
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What are some things you're doing to spread the word, and let Black and NBPoC authors out there know that your market is interested in their work?
How are you making sure that your submissions process counteracts the implicit antiblack biases in your acquisitions process?
What else?
What other things are you doing that we haven't covered? What other things do you wish you were doing, or are you planning on doing in the future?
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