PRIMER19 Speaker & Workshop Submission
PRIMER19 will be held at Parsons The New School on June 13-15, 2019
Deadline for submissions: January 15, 2019

The Theme for PRIMER19 is "FUTURES FOR ALL"

In order to manifest futures for everyone, we need diverse perspectives and platforms that elevate more voices in discussions around where we are heading. We often fail to question who the future is created for, how it is made accessible, whose interests are promoted, and how power and agency are redistributed in its envisioning. However, these questions are hard to ask when technology is only imagined and designed by a small group of people working within industry.

This year's theme, FUTURES FOR ALL, highlights the wisdom and power of creating diverse spaces for interrogating the 'inevitable'. We intend to bring together participants from across industries and academia to share ideas, methods and projects that examine the reciprocal relationship between design, the world we live in, and the futures we want. Speculative Design, Design Fiction, Futurism, and Strategic Foresight are all important disciplines that can help us to look forward, but also better understand the current impact and influence of the technological, social, economic, ecological, and political patterns emerging today. Our goal is to further democratize these intersecting fields by showcasing underheard voices, viewpoints, and geographies in order to create a new, more inclusive, formula for Futures Design Thinking. Speakers are called upon to critique, challenge, and liberate how we think about the future, moving away from the stock ideas and dominant discourse popularized by today’s saturated media landscape. Together we will share outstanding work, radical practices, and pedagogical approaches to inclusive innovation.

Review Process:
All applications will be reviewed by a committee made up of professionals and representatives from the academic community. Applications will be judged on diversity, theme, articulation and uniqueness of proposal, speaking presence, and theme-fit. First round of applications go through an anonymous judging process where all applications are stripped of names and affiliations to provide a fair and objective lens on the content. Second round will include speaking ability and additional criteria to make sure the content fits within our theme and programming arc.

Additional Information:
While PRIMER is not responsible for airfare/hotel accommodations for speakers/presenters, we are happy to provide suggestions and general assistance with arrangements. Approved submissions will receive one (1) free Conference Ticket. A limited number of honorariums will be distributed on a case-by-case basis and paid as a lump sum.

Approved applicants will be contacted by early March 2019.

Questions? contact us at

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