DxE Core Chapter Application
DxE Core Chapters are chapters that have demonstrated a significant dedication to building their local activist communities and have shown long term commitment to DxE Values. Additionally, Core Chapters are eligible for representation on the Global Steering Committee (explained more below).

Direct Action Everywhere is a decentralized grassroots network. Accordingly, there is no need for approval or recognition before you can take part in the DxE network. Just take a look at our organizing principles, grab a sign, and raise your voice for animals!

However, in the model of historic social justice networks such as the SCLC or ACT UP, we have a Global Steering Committee to:

- train, support, and provide resources for local activists and chapters;
- coordinate the work of disparate chapters to amplify our collective voice; and
- ensure that diverse perspectives throughout the world are elevated and heard within our global network.

The DxE Global Steering Committee will offer strategic guidance for the DxE network, make suggestions to the Friends of DxE fundraising entity regarding use of funds, and encourage the development of new chapters around the world.

DxE uses the affiliate model of organizing based on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Instead of having individual members, we seek out organized chapters and communities. Chapters that meet certain requirements will be recognized as Core Chapters of DxE and eligible for membership in the Steering Committee in the form of one or more delegates (depending on size and degree of contribution).



The steering committee reviews the chapter applications at the start of every meeting. We are focused on helping you develop strong communities and organizing teams, and will do everything we can to ensure every city has at least one official chapter!

1. Designated member of global steering committee undertakes initial review of application, presents to steering committee.
2. Steering committee identifies areas where chapter can grow OR gives preliminary approval.
3. Designated member returns to chapter applicants with initial review within 21 days.
4. Steering committee meets with chapter applicants to discuss DxE's Values, objectives, and organizing culture.
5. Steering committee members reach consensus on chapter approval.
6. Steering committee identifies potential delegates for inclusion in steering committee, after consultation with local chapter core. (Optional)
7. New delegate is added to steering committee on a provisional basis for 6 months. (Optional)
8. Chapter biography and photo added to the website.

What city/region is your current chapter in?
city, state, country - e.g. San Francisco, California, US
Your answer
Which core organizer(s) is filling out this application?
Your answer
Does your chapter meet the standards?
All core chapters must meet the following standards:
Do you have at least 3 people on your core organizing team?
Name, Email, and Phone Number of Core Organizers
Format: [Name_1], [email_1], [phone_1]; [name_2], [email_2], [phone_2] etc.
Your answer
Have all organizers in your chapter read the DxE Organizer's Handbook?
Have all organizers in your chapter read and committed to the DxE Organizing Principles and Values?
Have all organizers in your chapter committed to staying involved over the next year?
What is your website or other virtual space address?
Your answer
Does your website or virtual space have a statement of organizing principles, a calendar, and a way of getting involved? Is it updated regularly?
Do you have a mailing list for your core organizing team?
Do you have a mailing list for your community?
If you do, your city should show up in http://directactioneverywhere.com/signup
When did your chapter first begin organizing as a Participating Chapter?
Participating Chapters participate in every day of action and strategy call, hold monthly open meetings or community events, and maintain a virtual space and calendar.
Over the past 6 months, has your chapter participated in every monthly day of action?
Over the past 6 months, has your chapter held at least one community event per month?
Over the past 6 months, has at least one organizer from your chapter attended the monthly strategy call?
Are one or more organizer(s) in your chapter involved in an international working group or international organizing (e.g. social media, tech, press, video editing, identifying and mentoring new international organizers, etc.)?
If no, are one or more organizer(s) willing to join an international working group?
Your chapter's potential Global Steering Committee delegate(s) can:
Select all that apply. Note that the expectations listed below are in addition to preexisiting responsibilities to your local chapter.
Has your chapter set annual goals for local growth, impact and other objectives?
Yearly goals are reviewed at least quarterly and modified as needed.
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