ROYAL GENTLEMAN by Christy Pastore
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ROYAL GENTLEMAN by Christy Pastore
My crown was plastic.

His was the real deal—jewels and all.

I, Kerris Von Roy, lived among royalty.

Until I didn’t.

Crown Prince of Sardones, Ander Nicholas Gabriel Camran was my childhood best friend.

Until he wasn’t.

Ten years later, I have the opportunity of a lifetime. To photograph and chronicle the Royal Family of Sardones’ reinstallation.

To capture history.

Nicholas was the boy who played hide-and-seek with me inside the palace walls. The pre-teen who taught me how to play the piano. The teen who snuck me into the kitchen at midnight for ice cream sundaes.

My first crush. My first kiss.

Now, he’s about to become king. Instead of childhood games, he wants me kneeling, submitting myself to his rule in and out of the bedroom.

Nicholas rules a kingdom—my body and soul.

But I can never be fully his. Let alone his Queen.

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