Staff ICT Skills Audit Questionnaire
Dear Respondent,

We wish to thank you for taking your time to complete this questionnaire.

This questionnaire is designed to gather information about your ICT knowledge, skills and competences in order to assist with decision making with regards to the ICT needs of faculty, the facilitation of training in ICT integration and curriculum design activities.

All responses will be treated with the strictest confidentiality, and you are guaranteed complete anonymity.


When completing this questionnaire please note the following guidelines:

Please indicate your level of confidence by selecting one item from the 1-5 scale provided.

The scale descriptors are as follows:

1. I am not aware of this application/function/operation.
2. I am aware of this function/operation but not experienced in using/implementing it.
3. I have used/done this occasionally but need further practice/training to be confident.
4. I am a regular and confident user of this application/operation.
5. I am fully competent with this application/operation and could confidently explain it to others.

ICT - Information and Communication Technology
LMS - Learner Management System
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