The Camp With No Name [TCWNN] Application 2024
Hello! Thank you for your interest in [The Camp With No Name].

We are an international camp and bring to the playa  
-> Bar with cold cider for the thirsty and games for the playful
-> Mackie Thump sound-system (Bring your music to share if you like!)
-> Large shade structure for shaded tent sleeping and lounging
-> Large public lounge and private camp sitting area for daytime relaxing
-> Well-equipped kitchen for solo or communal camp meals (Food not provided)
-> Shower stall with evaporation pond
-> WiFi and electricity for small personal needs (charging phones, batteries, etc) 
-> Hosted DJs, daytime theme parties, flogging dungeon 

We are open to all while being conscious of a healthy ratio of veteran burners to virgins and limit our camp size to 40 or so members - fun size yet still intimate. Above all, we value participation and a happy camp life.

We will be in a HUB with Spanky's Wine Bar camp, which means we will be our own camp but adjacent to Spanky's and sharing resources such as electricity and gray water service. Spanky's is a large camp (150 people) with a bar, DJ, dungeon, buffer massage zone, lounge and more. They operate largely at night and our interactivity is usually during the afternoons and early evenings. 

Membership fee for [TCWNN] to cover infrastructure and bar expenses is $425 per person.

And now to you...  Who are you? How are you going to Radically Express yourself? Are we a good fit? Read on and if this all resonates with you, let us know by submitting your responses. We'll be in touch soon!
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