Synthesize!: Pre-workshop survey
A mix of fact and opinion; please estimate as needed! You will have an opportunity to share some of your thoughts on these questions during the session.
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In your class, how often do students have the opportunity to do activities which require them to synthesize information? *
Please estimate the frequency of opportunities for students to carry out these tasks:
Fewer than once a fortnight
Once every two weeks
Once a week
Twice a week
Once a lesson (or more)
Drawing conclusions from graphs/data
Preparing a project or paper with multiple sources
Considering multiple points of view in order to create their own
Focused writing with limited word count
Creating something new based on existing resources
Finding coherence between multiple units of study
In relation to your curriculum, what are some of the most important reasons for students to learn to synthesize information? *
Choose up to 3
On a scale of 1 (least) to 5 (greatest), how do you feel that student-to-student dialogue in your classroom impacts... *
1 (not at all)
5 (extremely high impact)
Students' Academic Vocabulary Knowledge
Student Language Development
Student Test Scores
Overall Student Understanding
Please list some positive results of sythesize activities that you have observed or anticipate observing.
Please list your concerns about teaching students to synthesize.
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