Garden Trees with Mistletoe
A survey seeking information on how mistletoe is managed in gardens. It is aimed at all gardeners who have mistletoe, wherever they are across the whole of Britain and Ireland.  

BACKGROUND: Mistletoe in Britain grows mainly in the SW Midlands of England. Within that area most of the seasonal mistletoe harvest comes from traditional apple orchards - apple being mistletoe's favourite host tree.

Outside this area (and also within it) mistletoe's other primary habitat is in gardens where it is usually planted on fruit, particularly apple, trees. It also grows on many other garden shrubs and trees. In gardens it is often highly-valued, especially when it is outside the main mistletoe-growing region. Concerns over mistletoe rarity (though these are sometimes based on misunderstanding of its natural distribution) contribute to this appreciation and pleasure of having garden-grown mistletoe.

Mistletoe, being only semi-parasitic, is not usually a problem in modest amounts. But there have been suggestions that over-cautious pruning (possibly linked to worries about rarity etc) might mean that some garden mistletoe is being allowed to grow unchecked on its host. This can lead eventually, though only after several decades, to the mistletoe taking over too much of the tree and causing premature death of both tree and mistletoe. But is this really a problem? Is garden mistletoe being left unmanaged, is it well-managed, or does it simply never become a problem in a garden situation?

This 'Garden Trees with Mistletoe' survey project aims to gather data on mistletoe management in gardens. It is a sister project to the similar Orchard Trees with Mistletoe survey project. For details of this, and a third survey project endeavouring to find which fruit, particularly apple, varieties are most susceptible/resistant to mistletoe please visit 

Results of the survey will be available via the link above in due course. The survey will be open for several years, so rapid results are not expected. This updated version of the survey form (originally part of the 'Mistletoe League' suite of surveys) was released in October 2015.
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LOCATION QUESTIONS: Where is your garden? *
The first questions are about whereabouts you are in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland. What county are you in?
Postcode (or town in the Irish Republic) *
Collecting your postcode to help us get a better idea of your location. Please enter your full postcode, or your nearest town or village and county if in the Irish Republic
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DO YOU HAVE FRUIT TREES?: Range of fruit species *
Which fruit trees do you have in your garden - please tick all that apply.
Do you manage (prune) your fruit trees? *
Do you manage/prune your fruit trees or just leave them to grow naturally?
If you have fruit trees how old are they? *
Approximately how old are your fruit trees? Please pick one answer per type of tree, choosing the best fit for most of the trees if you have an age range.
Less than 10 years
10-40 years
Over 40 years
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Eating/Cooking Apple
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If you have fruit trees what size are they? *
How big are your fruit trees? Please pick one answer per type of tree, choosing the best fit for most of the trees if you have a size range.
Traditional Standard (long ladder needed to reach fruit)
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Dwarf Stock (all fruit easily reached without a ladder)
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Eating/Cooking Apple
Cider Apple
Pear (eating or perry)
What other trees and shrubs do you have? *
Please briefly list any significant trees and shrubs in your garden other than fruit trees. If none write None.
Any other information about your trees and shrubs
This is an optional free-form answer - please enter any other information that may be of interest about your trees or your garden.
MISTLETOE QUESTIONS: How many of your trees and shrubs have mistletoe on them? *
Which tree/shrub is most affected by mistletoe? *
Which type of tree or shrub is most affected by mistletoe in your garden?
Which other trees and shrubs also have mistletoe? *
Please list any other trees/shrubs with mistletoe. And can you add some indication of which are most/least affected? If not just enter "Don't Know"
What is the approximate male/female balance of your mistletoe plants? *
Mistletoe has separate male and female plants, and only the female has berries. The male plants become particularly obvious in winter when the female plants bear berries
Do you think the male/female balance has changed over the years? *
Do you usually harvest some mistletoe at Christmas? *
Do you do any mistletoe management other than harvesting for Christmas? *
If you do manage/harvest the mistletoe do you try to cut equal quantities of male (berry-less) as well as female (berried) plants? *
Has the amount of mistletoe changed in recent years?
Do you think the amount of mistletoe in your garden has increased or decreased?
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Do you know how long you have had mistletoe in your garden? *
Has it 'always' been there or did you or a relative plant it? How long ago? This is a free-form question - please add any other information that might be relevant
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