APA List of Faculty Interested in Asian Philosophies
Are you a Philosophy Faculty Member who is interested in Asian Philosophies? If so, then your response to this brief survey would be most appreciated!

We - the APA Committee on Asian and Asian-American Philosophers and Philosophies - will use the list to share and promote opportunities to engage with Asian Philosophies.

First, we will use the list to identify faculty who are interested in integrating Asian philosophy into their teaching or research agendas.

Second, we will use the list to help with outreach efforts--for example, to help identify programs where faculty might welcome more talks on Asian Philosophies and to distribute information about relevant events.

Providing your email at the bottom of the form indicates your interest in being contacted. We will not share your email address and will allow you to control the sorts of emails you (occasionally) receive, if any.

The Survey should not take more than a 5 minutes
Which philosophic traditions interest you? *
What is your background in Asian Philosophies?
What additional engagement interests you?
Regarding your Asian interests, which areas of philosophy interest you?
How are Asian Philosophies represented in your current program?
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