Communication 101 - Disclaimer
We care about your privacy.

This course includes 10 individual surveys. Your responses to the surveys performed in this course will be saved in Google Sheet, using the account of the teacher (Chris Laffra). Survey results and any personally identifiable information will only be shared with you. At no time will your results be shared with others. Not now, and never in the future.

During the course, your responses may be shared with the rest of the course attendees, but this will always happen in an anonymous fashion, for instance to show how many people voted "True" or "False" to a certain question. After the course, your survey results may be used to email you tips and tricks related to specific growth skills. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to run the surveys again in the future, at which time you can compare the answers to analyse your own progression towards your goals.

At any point in time, you can request your survey results to be deleted or your email address to be removed from the survey results. In that case, you will not be able to access your results anymore in the future, of course.

We will send you copies of all your survey results to the email you enter in each survey taken during this course. You should use the same email address for all surveys, so they all get linked to you.

Please answer each survey honestly. The goal is for you to self-score your skills and identify your strengths and growth opportunities. It is not a competition with other attendees. There are no good and no bad answers.

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I understand that my answers are stored in Google Sheets, are accessible by the teacher only, and will never be shared with someone else.
I understand that I can always request that all my personal data are deleted by the teacher at any point in time, no explanation needed.
I would like to get tips and tricks sent to my email address, in the future.
I understand this course is not a competition. When answering any surveys, I will not intentionally exaggerate any answers. My goal is to benefit the most from the course.
I agree with all the conditions above and would like to follow the rest of this course.
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