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The leaders of the workgroup Mobility in the Mediterranean and West Asian Area of Connectivity (10th-4th c. BCE), Melanie Wasmuth and Eric Trinka, are planning a multivolume project and are currently soliciting interested contributors for the inaugural volume “Mobility & Household.”

The volume will address mobility and the household at the conceptual level and through case studies. We welcome scholars who have theoretical, textual, iconographic and/or material cultural expertise in mobility and migration, household structures and life cycles, household economics and transportation, and household security.

For this first volume, seminar participants will present and discuss evidence regarding:

- the formation of households as mobility-centered social enterprises
- social networks that facilitate mobility and household cultures of mobility that emerge in
specific contexts
- movements of commodities, animals, people, and ideas within and beyond the household
- household catalysts of movement for different households and household members
- movement as an adaptive strategy of the household and the place of nonmovers in mobility
- financial and legal aspects of mobility at the household level
- patterns of homebuilding and placemaking among mobile persons
- continuity of households across space and time

In lieu of a traditional abstract, kindly provide the following information (latest by July 31, 2021).
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