The Wooden Spoon Skyland Survival Application
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Grief once, banned forever.
Griefing: Destroying, stealing, or manipulating someones property in a malicious way or harassing players with intent.

Label your property with your IGN
Your builds, portals, and projects will be found by many players. To avoid confusion, credit, and disputes please label your property. Ops are at their discretion to remove your property if not one sign is present.

Do not ask OPs/Admins to spawn or teleport
This is a legitimate server only!

Do not use bugs, glitches, exploits, or mods that alter your vanilla experience

Type Trippy in Additional Comments in the application if you read the rules.
Don't blatantly tempt anyone to steal from you.

Seek critical advice from our Staff

Build over 200 blocks away from spawn minimum

English only in the Minecraft chat

DO NOT BEG. Don't keep asking people for stuff especially when you first join

Do ask for help from our OPs/Admins if you have any questions
Message Luke on Discord if you have any questions.

Do invite your friends. If you wish your friend to join TWS he/she must apply with an application too.

No spamming in chat

No raiding unless given permission by an OP
Usually we allow it only if a player has been inactive for more than four months.

No advertising

PVP is on a consent only basis.
This is a co-op server. Everyone is your friend not your enemy.

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