PGSU Grad Workers Housing Inquiry
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What is the maximum amount of rent and utilities you would consider affordable to pay per month? *
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What are the sources of your monthly income? Select all that apply
The widely-adopted standard for housing affordability is for monthly rent to exceed no more than 30% of monthly income, which means a maximum rent of $835 on the average graduate stipend. Before taking this survey, were you aware of this standard?
How many places have you lived since starting your degree at Princeton?
When considering a living situation, what aspect of your housing matters most to you? Please rank on a scale of 1-6, with 1 being the most and 6 the least important element of your housing relative to each other
Rent + utilities
Number of roommates
In-unit amenities
Commute cost
Commute time
Housing continuity
When considering a living situation, what aspects of your housing are not negotiable? Select all that apply.
Do you currently live in university-run housing? *
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