Club Marquee Application
Terms and Conditions
To qualify for a site at any 2XU Triathlon Series race during the 2019/20 season; a club will have to satisfy
the following conditions:

Booking a site
• A minimum of 15 registered members from the club in question must have entered into each event
they intend to have a marquee at.
• Clubs need to provide O2 Events with the completed form no later than two
weeks prior to the event they are planning on competing in. If you are signing up for the entire series
the completed form needs to be in by Friday 1st November 2019.

• Attach a copy of Public Liability Insurance
• Priority will be given to clubs that book first and fulfil the above requirements

Marquee Set-up
• All marquees must be set up the day prior to the event between 10:00am – 3:00pm. Under no circumstances will marquees be allowed to set up on the day of the event or outside these specified times.
• Upon arrival at the venue on Saturday, please contact the O2 Events Site Manager (0439 108 002)
• Vehicles are not permitted to drive onto the grass at any venue during any of the events.
• The marquee is to be erected in the allocated club marquee area, complying with any requests from O2 Events staff regarding its location.
• Star pickets must not be inserted into the ground within 0.5m of any underground services. These areas will be marked out prior to your arrival. If unsure, please check with an O2 Events staff member as any damage resulting from not adhering to this guideline will be at the cost to the Club.

Equipment Required
• The maximum marquee size permitted is 6m x 3m. Marquees larger than these dimensions must be approved by O2 Events.
• All marquees are to be secured to the ground using 4ft – 6ft star pickets (a minimum of 1 picket per leg) driven at least 30cm into the ground and fastened to the marquee with a minimum of 4 x thick cable ties per leg. Alternatively, clubs may use weights (at least 20kg) on each marquee leg with ropes/straps tying them down to the roof. Standard tent pegs are not adequate. The Club is to supply all equipment required to erect, secure and dismantle the marquee.
• Club sponsor signage is only permitted if it is small in size (less than 1m x 1m) and does not conflict with any event sponsors, at the discretion of the O2 Events Sponsorship Manager.

Whilst on Site
• If poor weather conditions are forecast the night prior to the event; clubs are asked to set up their marquees and secure them, but not raise them up. By keeping them low they will not catch as much wind and the pole legs are stronger. Alternatively, clubs can set up the marquees without the roof and then put the roof on Sunday morning. This will help alleviate any issues with damaged marquees overnight prior to the event.
• If weather conditions are such that the O2 Events, Event Director deems it unsafe for marquees to be erected, they must be taken down immediately when requested by an O2 Events staff member.
• At the conclusion of the event, all rubbish must be placed in the bins provided.
• O2 Events does not take any liability for the damage or loss of equipment at the 2XU Triathlon Series.
• O2 Events reserves the right to request re-positioning or removal of any marquee should they be deemed to impact on the operations of the event itself.

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