PMNCH Virtual Forum Webinar Series
PMNCH will host its Partners' Forum in New Delhi December 12-13, 2018. Partners will be in conversation around the topics of Political Leadership, Cross-Sectoral Action, Accountability, and the Power of Partnership.

In November, PMNCH begins its Virtual Partners’ Forum (open to all!) which includes a webinar series, virtual side events, and social media engagements. Let’s start this dialogue early! Join the PMNCH Virtual Partners’ Forum Webinar Series. Here are the topics we will explore:

1. Theme of Multi-Sector Collaboration: Multi-Sectoral Action: Learning along the road to best practice. Tuesday, 13 November.
2. Theme of Power of Partnership: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Global Health Partnerships. Tuesday, 20 November.
3. Theme of Accountability: Challenging Questions of Accountability. Monday, 19 November.
4. Theme of Political Leadership: Women in Political Leadership. Thursday, 29 November.
5. PMNCH Orientation: PMNCH - Why Partnership? Monday, 3 December.

All webinars will be broadcast at 14:00GMT (3pm in Geneva). The PMNCH Orientation will be broadcast at 2 times on 3 December, 06:00GMT and 14:00GMT.

Please use the form below to register for the PMNCH Virtual Partners’ Forum Webinar Series. By signing up below, you will receive an email notification with speakers, resources and login details for each of our webinars in the series. You also have an opportunity to opt-in below for PMNCH news and resources.

Thank you to World Vision International for hosting this year's PMNCH Virtual Partners' Forum Webinar Series!

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