How the CRM can boost your digital sales and marketing strategies?
1. Does your company have a digital strategy using CRM or Marketing Automation tools to optimize your Marketing processes and / or increase your sales?
2. [If Q1 = 3] When is it scheduled to be operational?
3. Which difficulties are you currently facing in the execution of your Sales&Marketing strategy?
4. [If Q3 different from 10] What are the impacts of these difficulties?
5. [If Q3 different from 10] In what time frame do you need to overcome these difficulties ?
6. [If Q3 different from 10] Which actions would you take to overcome these difficulties?
7. What is / are currently the CRM software publisher (s) you are working with (multiple choice)?
8. Would you be open to work with another CRM software publisher than the one you are currently working with?
9. [If Q8=1] Are you open to CRM solutions on the cloud ?
10. What budget is allocated to each of these services for your investments in the coming year?
50 000 CHF or less (1)
Between 50 001 and 99 999 CHF (2)
Between 100 000 and 299 999 CHF (3)
300 000 CHF or more (4)
Has not planned investments in this department (7)
This department doesn’t exist (9)
(Q3_1) Sales
(Q3_2) Marketing
(Q3_3) Customer service
11a. Who is the main decision maker in your company regarding the CRM and what is his job title? Name :
Your answer
11b. Job title :
12. Is this person the only one deciding about the CRM topics or are other people involved in the decision-making process?
13a [If Q12 = 2] Who are the other people involved in making decisions regarding the CRM? Name :
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13 b. Job title :
Your answer
First name and last name
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Job title
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Thank you very much for all these answers. On behalf of CISEL, I thank you for your participation in this study and wish you a pleasant day/evening.
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