Attitudes towards Solar Development in Southern California
My name is Jennifer Bernstein, and I am a lecturer in Geographic Information Science & Technology at the University of Southern California’s Dornsife Spatial Sciences Institute in Los Angeles, California.

This project intends to better understand the attitudes of residents in southern California towards the development of industrial scale solar installations. The survey is a convenience sample, not intending to represent the views of the public more generally. However this project seeks to understand why residents oppose or support solar development at both the local and industrial scale.

Your participation will help the researcher and her colleagues better understand attitudes towards solar and other types of alternative energy development in Southeastern California. Your response would be fully anonymized.

Your participation in this project would involve a short survey, which would take 5-10 minutes to complete. You would also be asked whether you would be willing to participate in a semi-structured interview, which would be entirely voluntary.

Benefits and Risks: The benefit of your participation in this research project is that you will help us better understand attitudes towards alternative energy development in Southeastern California. There is no cost to you for taking part in this research project. We believe there is little risk to you participating in this research project. However, if you are ever uncomfortable answering the questions, you can stop and withdraw at any time.

Confidentiality and Privacy: During the research project, all data will be kept in a secure location. Study staff will have access to the data, although legally authorized agencies, including the University of Southern California Office for the Protection of Research Subjects, have the right to review research records. In the data set, your response will be anonymized.

Voluntary Participation: Participation in this research project is voluntary. At any point during this project, you can withdraw your permission.

Questions: If you have any questions about this project, please contact me at 510-393-4650 or e-mail If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant in this project you can contact the University of Southern California Office for the Protection of Research Subjects by phone at (213) 821-1154 or by e-mail at
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