Chenango County FIRST Robotics Team 145 Student Application
FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology) is an intense program that will permit students to work first hand with scientists, engineers and teachers to design, assemble, and test a robot capable of performing a specified task in competition with other teams from around the World. The teams are from Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Israel, Mexico, the U.K., and almost every U.S. state. This opportunity requires a serious commitment on the part of the applicant. It will require long hours on many evenings and Saturdays, requiring the applicant to make decisions regarding his/her extra-curricular activities. FIRST affords the student the opportunity to experience professional development in the fields of science, mathematics, and engineering and opens scholarship opportunities exclusive to students involved in FIRST.

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- Participation in activities and execution of responsibilities is required. It is expected that you will attend all meetings. Each member is an important part of the team.

- Lack of attendance or participation could result in being ineligible to participate in the tournament and or dismissal from the team.

- A financial commitment ($300) will be required by each student to help with the operation of the team. Scholarships may be available for those requiring financial assistance. Please include your request for a scholarship in writing with your application. Late requests for scholarships can-not be accepted as the team works to obtain scholarship funds based on the requests received.
Application for Membership Release
I wish to be considered for membership in the Chenango county FIRST team and do hereby waive my right of access to confidential information used by the selection committee of FIRST Team 145 in judging my membership qualifications.
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