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⭕️ I will do: OCs, fandom and game original characters, fanart, non-human characters.

I won't do: offensive content, over-detailed design w/o proper visual reference, very intricate/detailed backgrounds and explicit NSFW.

If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact me on twitter or at oxiente@gmail.com
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Email *
Email *
So you want a commission...
Thats great! Thanks so much for considering me, lets check over the details!
What's your name?
How do you want to be adressed?
What's your contact email?
Where I will send you WIPs, questions and whatnot.
Ideas for mood/pose/expression etc.: *
Please describe the scene to me! Pose, perspective, background, anything that you want me to include.

If you don't have anything in mind, explain what type of mood would fit the character!
Visual references
For an imgur folder or some other link. If you attached something below, just type anything and let's go!
To attach images and documents if you prefer
Let's get to the tricky part - the payment
Commission type
Keep in mind that a detailed design might cost more!
O'right, but how many characters?
Each additional character for halfbody will cost +$50, for fullbody +$70
Is there a lovely companion along? *
If they are a pet, familiar or something like that, it's here.

$20 at $40 each depending on their size, detailing and style.
What about background? *
I only draw the background in a spot but you can ask for the full canvas version with an additional cost.
If the total is above $100, would you like to pay 50/50?
Pay half before the initial sketch and the other half before receiving the final artwork in full resolution.
Email for Paypal invoice
You will receive an invoice if you agree about the final price.
If you have a deadline!
 And just a few more questions so we can clear up our workflow~
Do you want additional versions? *
You can choose more than one, there's no additional cost!
Would you like to keep this commission private? *
So what is your social media to tag you?
Pricing and Process

Final price may be higher depending on number of characters and complexity.

Once form is submitted I will contact you via email with a quote for the final price. If everything is agreed upon I will send an invoice via PayPal.

I have the rights to post and/or use commissions for my own benefit. (I won't use for commercial purposes, sell prints for example).

You are not allowed to use it for commercial purposes. (Unless otherwise discussed).
Thank you! 🌻
Thank you so much for your support!
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