GratitudeAmerica Warrior PATHH Application


NOTE: This form is to be filled out by the PATHH applicant only. It should not be filled out by parent, spouse, fiancé, partner, colleague, sibling, or friend. Completion of this form does not guarantee you a spot in an upcoming Warrior PATHH. This is merely a first step within the screening process.

BE ADVISED: Honesty and openness are key elements to your personal success before, during, and after the Warrior PATHH. We have designed this form to help you by helping us understand who you are. Entering inaccurate information could cause more difficulty later in the screening process. Please be completely honest on every question so we can move forward together. Just so you're aware, these answers do not get shared. Your confidentiality is of utmost importance to us.

The applicant MUST be an active, retired, or separated post 9/11 combat veteran. We define a "combat veteran" as anyone who has served in any of the five major branches of service and was deployed in a combat zone. Being a recipient of a Combat Action Ribbon, Combat Infantry/Combat Action Badge is not required; however, as an applicant for the Warrior PATHH you must be able to provide documentation of service and/or support that denotes your areas of service in a combat zone.

Thank you for your interest!


The GratitudeAmerica Team
I am an active, retired, separated post 9/11 combat veteran. *
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