2017-18 Rock Island AITC Materials Request Form
Please complete the following information to request materials (kits, Ag Mags, etc.) from the Rock Island County Agriculture in the Classroom Program.
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Ag Kits
Ag kits are are hands-on, applied agricultural lab exercises. Kits include all necessary materials to perform activities. A teacher's guide, student worksheet sand handouts, books and instructional videos are included. Please indicate which Ag Kit you would like to borrow for your classroom.
Activity Kits
Each of these kits contains the instructions and supplies needed to conduct a popular hands-on, minds-on Ag in the Classroom activity. Provides items such as beads and cord for the Nutrition or Water Cycle Bracelets or soybean seed, bags, and watering crystals for Beanie Babies. Please indicate which Activity Kit you would like to borrow for your classroom
Other Items
Ag Mags
Ag Mags are 4-page, colorful agricultural magazines for kids. Each issue covers a specific agricultural topic along with math, science, social studies, and language arts activities. Order any issue you would like, read them in the classroom, send them home, or keep them from year to year. Please indicate which Ag Mags you would like for your classroom
Terra Nova Readers
Terra Nova Readers examine agriculture as it relates to Math, Science, Social Studies, Language, and Writing. These commodity readers and sample student questions have been developed and made available for teachers to implement in the classroom. Please indicate which Readers you would like for your classroom
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