TEDxIIT 2015 Speaker Nomination Form
(For summary of the timeline, or to download these guidelines, go to http://bit.ly/1HHER64)


To be a TEDxIIT Speaker is a great honor. You are the important key to share the speaker's idea with the public by nominating him or her.

During the TEDxIIT event on Sunday April 12, the speaker will share his or her idea with the live audience at the Chicago IIT Tower Auditorium. It will be streaming live worldwide for the global audience. After the event, upon approval by TED, the talk will be posted on TED's website to be enjoyed by everyone with unlimited access. To watch past talks, http://bit.ly/txiplaylist

This is the 5th TEDxIIT event. The event has been sold out year after year. The theme in the past few years were: Break Through, Gaining Momentum, Exponential and Infinite Impact. The theme for TEDxIIT 2015 is X-Fusion.

Who do you know has an amazing idea that has the panache to bring in the energy and enthusiasm for X-Fusion?

Fusion as in combining things together to form something new. The range can be from ideas, concepts, or culture. From atomic level to global economy.

The idea could have already been done in the past, doing it now or will be doing so in the future. The idea could be in the field of technology, humanity or basic needs. Stretch your imagination.

Remember, it's not about the speaker. It's all about The Idea. The more specific, the better.

Nomination Deadline:  Sunday, February 15 at 11:59 pm CST

Committee voting for finalist: Thursday, February 19, 2015
Final selection:Thursday, February 26, 2015

You are welcome to attend any sessions. See details below.

Please start the process today as this takes time. Thank you

Part I > Pre-qualify Yourself

Before you ask if someone you admire is interested to be a TEDxIIT speaker, please first read the following guidelines. This is a detail process and it's truly worthwhile for you and your speaker.

1 You (as the nominator) must submit all the information that is required (this is not the speaker's job.) It is your responsibility to collect the information from the speaker, the nominee, and submit this form. This is worthwhile because you believe in your speaker(s) and only you can make this possible.

2 You may nominate more than one speaker. Use one form for one idea per speaker. Email the speaker's information will disqualify your speaker.

3 TEDxIIT is designed for the entire IIT Community, which includes all students, alumni, faculty, staffs, trustees, extended family and affiliates. All TEDxIIT speakers are by nomination only.

4 No self nomination. Any self nomination will not be consider. If you have a great idea that is worth spreading, you should be able to enlist at least one person who is affiliated with IIT, to enforce you and nominate you.

Part II > Pre-qualify Your Speaker

1. Are you and your speaker affiliated with the IIT Community?

2. Does the speaker have an original idea that is worth spreading? Does the idea have a significant impact? Has it already been done in the past, doing it now or will be doing soon in the future?

3. Is this person a good speaker? Have you seen the speaker present in front of a group or on YouTube?
Is this person coachable and willing to receive feedback?

Part III > Approach your speaker?

1 Ask if he or she is familiar with TED Talk.

2 Explain that TEDxIIT is an independently organized TED like event on campus. This is the 5th conference. On April 12, the event will be streaming live worldwide for the global audience. Anyone with internet connection can watch it live. After the event, upon approval by TED, the talk will be posted on TED's website to be enjoyed by everyone.

3 If the speaker is interested, explain that the time line is very short and there are a lot to do. Confirm the speak agrees to the followings:
(a) Once confirm, the speaker will have about 6 weeks to prepare the talk. He/she will honor our tight time frame, submit the paper work within 1 week, share the draft for the speech outline and powerpoint slides (if any) 2 weeks later.
(b) Available on Sunday, April 12th 2015 (entire day from 9 am to 6 pm) for the TEDxIIT event.
(c) Available on at least one or both of the rehearsal dates: Friday, March 13, 1 - 8 pm. Saturday, March 28, 1 - 8 pm at the Tower Auditorium. Specific 30 mins time slot will be provided later.
(d) Must attend the mandatory final rehearsal on April 11, 2015 between 12 - 8 pm. Specific 30 mins time slot will be provided later.
(e) To provide a TED like experience, the speaker is expected to converse with the audience during the breaks and stay for the post event reception till around 6 pm.

4 Ask your speaker to email you the followings as soon as possible. It will take time for you to submit the form.
(a) A short description of the idea (up to 50 words for the application)
(b) A brief bio (up to 100 words)
(c) Professional headshot, both a low (around 100K) and a high resolution (at least 2 MB) After your submission, you will be notified to share a folder in DropBox where you can upload both photos. You will have up to 24 hours to do so after the deadline.
(d) Website links related to the speaker's idea and presentation style (could be on other subjects)
(e) The choice for the length of talk (3 min, 9 mins or 18 mins)

You are doing the speaker and the global TED community a huge favor by nominating a great speaker with an awesome idea. It's a lot of work and it's very gratifying because you support and believe in your speaker. Start the process asap. All the information must be entered into this form. Note, name/last name of the nominator is YOUR name/last name.

Nomination Deadline:  Sunday, February 15 at 11:59 pm CST (From Feb 16 to 19, the team will review, study and research about the speakers. We take this very serious.)

On Thursday, February 19, the TEDxIIT 2015 Team will vote to select the speakers, from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm at the Tower Auditorium (where the event will be held). Note that our normal meeting time is from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Although this is an option, we highly recommend that you make a short verbal presentation (up to to 3 min.) about your speaker. This may increase the chances for your speaker to be selected.

Be sure to sign up on our mailing list at TEDxIIT.com for all updates.

For questions pertaining to speakers, please email < Speaker@TEDxIIT.com >

TEDxIIT 2015 Speakers Committee
For summary of the timeline, or to download these guidelines, go to http://bit.ly/1HHER64
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Speaker Information
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Phone # *
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Address *
Please provide the mailing address of the speaker's residency and/or office. Include city, state, zip code.
 Idea *
Please provide a description of what the talk will be about. Up to 50 words. You may request this from your speaker.
Profession/ Area of concentration of the speaker *
Ex. Biologist, Singer, Dancer, etc. If the idea is from another field, be sure to mention here.
Please provide a brief bio of the speaker you are nominating. *
Background, notable accomplishment. Up to 200 words. Put the most important info first. Request the info from your speaker. You have to enter here. Any email or attachment will disqualify your speaker.
Affiliation with IIT *
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Have you uploaded your speaker photo to DropBox folder < http://bit.ly/1Di74tq > ? *
Ask your speaker to provide you a high res professional headshot (2 MB or more). Any lower resolution will disqualify your speaker.
Website *
Please provide URL links to websites pertaining to your speaker, including LinkedIn profile, Facebook etc.
Length of Talk *
Chose one that your speaker prefers. The committee will confirm the time slot depends on availability.
Speaker video
Please provide URL links of brief video clip(s) of the speaker presenting, ideal length is 3 to 5 mins each clip. It's OK if you only have longer version.
Your Information, The Nominator
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Did you attend any TEDx IIT event in the past? *
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Why do you nominate this speaker? *
Please write a paragraph on why you are nominating this speaker. Why do you think this speaker is great for TEDxIIT theme this year? What will the attendees and future online viewers learn and/or be benefited from this speaker's idea? (max 200 words)
Additional Information
This is your chance to provide additional information that will help us voting for your speaker.
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