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Please complete and submit this adoption application if you are interested in adopting one of our rescue animals.
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If yes, do these animals have ANY known agression or fear behavior?
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What is your current housing situation?
If you are renting, please provide the landlord's name and contact phone number. If not renting please type N/A.
If you are renting, does your rental have any breed restrictions?
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How will your dog receive exercise? Question does not apply to cats.
Describe how the animal will live in your home (for example, indoor pet, outdoor pet, hunting dog, therapy, security)
Where will the pet(s) be kept when no one is home? (examples - crate, outdoor kennel, pen, loose indoors?
Will the pet(s) be home alone at any time. If so, for how many hours?
Have you ever given up a pet? If yes, please explain what happened.
What circumstances, if any, would justify re-homing a pet?
Pets are an investment of time and money. Are you able to provide medical care, proper diet, adequate shelter, grooming, training, exercise?
Please provide two personal references, not related to you, and their contact information.
Is there anything else you would like us to know that has not been mentioned above?
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