B_Tours Vilnius 2017 - Open Call
The deadline to send in your proposal is 05/01/17.

Before completing the application form please make sure to go through B_Tour website and consider if the project you would like to propose fits the profile of the festival.

Applications will be accepted in English only.

If after doing so you still have questions, please send them to: info@b-tour.org.

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Please, list the names of all the people involved in creating the tour and their roles, if applicable.
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Including nationality/-ies, educational background, professional background etc. (max. 400 words per bio).
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Long description of the project (up to 600 words): *
Including: How does your project relate to the topic of dystopia? What are you exploring in your project? What is the experience going to be like for the audience? If you are using technology in your tour, how are you using it and how will the audience? If your tour relates to a particular location, why did you choose that specific site? etc.
Preferred date/s for the tour: Is there a time you won't be available between 1-10 September 2017? *
What time of day would the tour take place? *
Duration of the tour: *
Starting point of the tour: *
Please provide an exact starting point. Tours should start and end at locations in which there is adequate access to public transport.
Language in which the tour would be lead: *
Which languages would be used in the tour? (Lithuanian, English, both, no language...)
Who is the tour for? *
How many people can participate in the tour at once? *
Could the tour be performed more than once? *
Number of people required to deliver the tour: *
(tour guides, volunteers, assistants, sound personnel, technician etc.)
Equipment that your tour requires. Are you bringing it with you? *
Would the audience be asked to bring something along or download any materials beforehand? *
e. g. headphones, radios, specific dress code, MP3s, smart-phones etc.
Special permits needed to be attained *
If yes – which permits?
What is the minimal budget of required for the presentation of your project: *
Consider carefully: artistic fees, personal costs, material costs, tech and overhead.
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