Join Fairies and Gnomes: Imagine Their Homes!
It’s a 2020 Mohawk Valley Library System, New York State summer learning project whose mission is to provide a summer of magical opportunities for families to work together, using social distancing guidelines, building fairy and gnome homes on library lawns, local community parks and other local sites throughout the community, and homes - wherever fairies and gnomes might be found! This is a way for families to celebrate the library summer reading program safely outdoors, build "stem," and practice good land stewardship throughout local communities.

The plan is for families and folks of all ages in your communities to get outdoors and build fairy and gnome homes on cooperating public parklands, library, town, business, even local bridges -- wherever there is a spot that a fairy and/or gnome house, made from natural and recyclable resources (think sticks, pinecones, stones, NOT from living nature!), could be made. Fairy and gnome homes made at residences could be more elaborate, but those in public venues would be encouraged to be recyclable.

There are a number of ways to participate in Fairies and Gnomes: Imagine Their Homes. The projects can be as small or large as your library desires. has "Info for Libraries" as well as "Fun for Famlies" resources for both library staff and your community audiences, and can be shared on library websites and library social media pages. Activities that both libraries and families can find both online and in the community are included, as well as downloadable coloring sheets, fairy/gnome food and cookery projects, reading lists, and more. Maps are available so folks know where to look for Fairy and Gnome homes in local communities (look for an additional form to collect community park and green space sites). Signs are available to be downloaded illustrated with Schoharie's Jennie Mosher's major excellent artwork and used throughout the community to remind folks to socially distance, and more.

Interested? Besides signing up, your basic commitment would be to contact those places in your community that you think might be interested in hosting some fairy and gnome homes. Then let us know where those places are for the maps. If your library is outside of the MVLS Service Area (Fulton, Montgomery, Schenectady, and Schoharie counties) your library will be added to the map, but not listed below in the list of MVLS sites. Note that families could also take part at their homes by making their own fairy and gnome homes, color their own fairies and gnomes and homes, and place on windows, sending photos to #518fairyhomes.

"Fairies and Gnomes: Imagine Their Homes" is a unique opportunity to celebrate your library's 2020 Summer Reading Program.

Artwork by Jennie Mosher, Schoharie Library
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