KopaTheme Survey 2018
In order to make KopaTheme the best it can be, we'd love to get your answers to a few questions. You can answer all of the questions or you can answer only the questions you are comfortable answering. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! After submit the survey, you can take $20 gift card of your choice.
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What best describes you?
How would you rate your knowledge of WordPress?
Which of the following words would you use to describe our themes (select all that apply)?
How was your experience with our Support Team?
Would you find it helpful to have a theme feature allowing you to build your own page layouts?
What type of theme would you most like to see in the future?
What’s the most frustrating thing about our themes?
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How can we improve KopaTheme to better meet your needs?
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Would it be okay if we followed up by email to request a clarification to one or more of your responses?
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