Tele'Drama® International: An invitation to join our  mailing list and thousands of professionals from over 80 countries
Tele’Drama is a method for offering action and expressive methods training, therapy, counseling and other interventions by using an online video conferencing approach. Created as a method and coined as a term by Daniela Simmons, Tele’Drama has been gradually developed and experimented with since Fall 2017.
Tele’Drama developed from a project into the International Tele’Drama Institute (ITI) with a strong team of organizers and trainers. From the beginning, it has utilized Zoom video-conferencing software with visual and sound technology for creating virtual rooms, adapting and modify classical action methods’ techniques to be relevant to this online format wherein directors and their groups (or individual clients) are able to communicate, self-express and experience as if they were together in the same physical location even while joining in from locations around the world. The pressures of the global pandemic have, in fact, stimulated Tele’Drama’s continued evolution, so that it now can provide online educational resources in various action methods, as well as professional mentoring, business leadership development, and team building. 
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