Luminous Youth | Academy of Natural Magic Workshops of Interest for 2019 /2020
Welcome and thank you for taking this survey. Luminous Youth - Academy of Natural Magic, is intending our workshops to be in 5 week blocks, 1 day per week, 4 hours per day in and around Mullumbimby with a maximum of 8 youth attendants. Current research demonstrates the best way to learn and remember is through drawing, doing and experiencing so these will be the primary learning methods. Therefore writing is not necessary to benefit from these workshops. These sessions will weave in elements of 'conventional' subjects i.e. history, geography, art, maths, english etc as we work through the topics - these however will not be the focus but may benefit in the completion of homeschooling reporting. We are very grateful for your feedback about our proposed sessions. It will help us craft illuminating workshops for the year ahead that help your youth to be inspired and thrive.
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Plant communication
Sound & Resonance
Learning through Dreams
Chakras & Their Energy
Seeds & The Power of Plants
Movement Medicine
Supporting Change Together
The Amazing Human Heart
Meditations from around the world
Healing Herb Creations
Upcycled Art
Crystals and Grids
Sacred Geometry
Ancient World Cultures
Australian History (Indigenous / Trade / Agriculture )
Natural Art Creations
Create a Campaign for Change
Thoughts & The Brain
The Five Elements
Gardening / Farming
The Science of Prayers
The Power of Perception
The Magic of Trees
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