01: Survey in the Context of Covid-19
In just a matter of weeks, the world has changed, possibly forever. But the one constant, is that the Northern Chapter IIA will always remain in contact with you, and will continue to try and facilitate your professional development.
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01: Survey in the Context of Covid-19
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What Technical Issues have you faced in working Remotely?
What financial issues have you faced?
What issues related to your colleagues and associates have you faced?
What concerns related to your Office have you faced?
What did you find was the best use of your time in this period?
What did you find most frustrating about working from home?
What did you find most rewarding about working from home?
What opportunities for Technical up gradation were availed by you in this time?
How do you see the Future of the Profession post Covid-19
How would you rate your experience of Working from home?
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Any other issues that you have faced, or feel are likely that you will face?
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