Vinyl Record Wish List -
Trying to find that special record? Visited every record store in town with no luck?

We've been there - that's for sure. That's why the team at has developed the 'Vinyl Record Wish List' for the Main Street Vinyl Record Fair in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Simply list the records you have been searching for and the good folks at the Main Street Vinyl Record Fair will pass your list along to the vendors attending the fair. Most independent vinyl dealers have more records than what they are able to bring and sometimes the record you seek is just sitting on their shelf at home.

This way you have a pretty good chance of finding that very special record!

The form only allows you list 5 records at a time. If you are on the hunt for more than 5 albums, simply fill out another form after submitting this one. After supplying the details of an album, you have the option of skipping to the end.

We're always looking for ways to improve our survey. Before submitting, you'll have the opportunity to add comments or suggestions.

See y'all at the fair!

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