Swim Camp Registration 2018
Event Timing: June 4-8, 2018
Event Address: Downata Hot Springs, Downey, ID
Contact: Tracy at raiseyourjoys@gmail.com
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Lessons are $57.00/student and cover lessons and daily swim pass. Please hit enter in between each person's information so that each student is on a new line.
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Additional information that may be helpful in making your selection. RV 20 and RV 30 are pull through sites. RV1-RV16 and T1-T16 are companion sites which means the family in RV16 and the family in T16 share a table and fire pit. Group Area 4 is a tent area for 5 tents and it has power for the families to share. It is a great spot for five close friends to share.
Preferred Family or Families To Camp Next To
If you have a plan with someone to be an RV and Tent partner in RV1-RV16/T1-T16, both parties should indicate that here. If you have people you would prefer to camp next to, but don't have a formal plan, list their names here and I will work my magic as best as I can! If you have an idea for five families that want to camp together in Group Area 4, share it with me.
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