Multicultural Event 2020: Performance Interest Form
Each year the Department of Language and Culture, along with the Schaumburg Park District, presents a Multicultural Event. This event takes place at the Community Recreation Center (CRC) and showcases the diversity represented by the students of District 54. During the event, student groups have the opportunity to give performances that reflect various cultures.

There are two options for performances.
- Group performances (8 or more participants) will take place in the gym.
- Individual or small group performances (2-4) will take place in the Renaissance room.
- Sound systems will be available in both rooms.

Eligible performances must meet the following criteria.
- Performers should be current SD54 students in early childhood through eighth grade.
- Performances should have a cultural tie or significance.
- Performances can include various talents including dancing, singing, instrumental music, etc.
- Performances should be 5 minutes or less in length.
- Students need to have parent permission to perform on Saturday, March 7th at the CRC.
- Parents must provide transportation.

If you are interested in participating, please complete the Performance Interest Form by Tuesday, November 26th. You will be notified whether or not your performance has been chosen to participate by email by December 13th.

It is our goal to represent as many diverse cultures as possible during the event and so the following factors will be taken into consideration when selecting performance groups:
- Groups who have not previously participated.
- Balancing the type of performance.
- Balancing the cultures and languages represented and
- Balancing the number of performances from each school.

If you have any questions about the Performance Interest Form, please feel free to contact Nancy Hellstrom (847) 357-5058 or Nicole Lumpp (847) 357-5072.

Thank you for your interest in performing during the Multicultural Event! We appreciate your support in celebrating the wonderful diversity in School District 54!
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