Cancer Treatment Choices Survey
This anonymous Cancer Treatment Choices survey has been created for the purpose of analysing how background health, lifestyle choices and treatment choices have affected the outcome. It is for information purposes only. It gives cancer patients, survivors and their families the opportunity to share what worked for them and what didn't. The survey is about cancer only. However, other health concerns are asked about during the survey.

You may complete this survey if you are a cancer patient or have been in the past or you care for or have cared for a cancer patient and have their permission to share this data. You will only be given one opportunity to complete the survey. You may go back and edit your responses if you realise that you have made a mistake. After taking the survey you will be able to view the responses of others. Only one Cancer Treatment Choices survey may be completed per patient. Your honest, factual responses are greatly appreciated.

Sections one to three are about conventional medical treatments. Sections four to six are about complimentary and alternative treatment choices. Sections seven to nine are about side effects, evidence and outcomes.

We appreciate that every individual is unique. It is not possible to quantify every variable like food quality and personal pathogens affecting your health. However, we have endeavoured to make the questions as useful as possible.

This unbiased Cancer Treatment Choices survey is about factual data not recommendations and advice. It does not treat or diagnose disease. For that you need to see a doctor. Treatments received may vary between doctors, hospitals, alternative health practitioners and countries. How each person individually interprets the data is up to them.

The authors of this survey have no affiliations with any medical profession or industry related organisation including government departments. Please do not include details about specific doctors, hospitals or websites. No brand names or people's names should be mentioned and no recommendations made. The survey has NOT been created for financial gain. It has been created by a cancer survivor to share her data with decision makers and the data of any who wish to voluntarily and anonymously contribute.

Lastly, we do NOT collect personally identifiable data such as names, addresses or IP addresses. You will NOT be contacted after taking the survey. As a participant, you will be able to view the results. Please be aware that the results of the survey may be seen by others who wish to view the results. Thank you for your participation. Above all we wish you good health?

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