#REC19 - Executive Team Applications
The Ryerson Entertainment Conference is Ryerson University's bridge between commerce and the creative industries. It’s REC’s vision to spotlight the business potential in the entertainment, communications and media industries. We hope to show students the potential for success that comes along with pursuing their passion.

With the conclusion of #REC18, the Ryerson Entertainment Conference is excited to build on the successes and growth over the past year to create something truly inspiring and iconic in the coming year. We are very excited to announce we are hiring for the #REC19 executive team!

The REC has prided itself on being a unique organization where students from across campus unite and collaborate on creating a conference like no other. We foster a culture that celebrates diversity and offer countless growth opportunities through the organization. We want to empower a generation of students to pursue careers in Entertainment and that begins with the team! Please note that all positions are open to current & forthcoming Ryerson University students and are entirely volunteer positions.

Hope to hear from you soon & Good luck!

Rahul Mannapperuma
#REC18 President

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