Evergreen/Conifer's Got Talent 2024 Act Registration Form
Every performer should fill out the form below, even if someone else in your act has already registered!  
2024 performer rules here.  4 winning acts will perform as openers at EPRD 2024 summer concerts!

Performers in past 'Got Talent' productions have tended to be high school and middle school aged students. We encourage skilled elementary age performers to participate too.

Fri March 15, 2024 Deadline to register Fri March 22-29, 2024 Possible auditions if needed (only if registrations exceed openings; we will contact you) Mon April 1, 2024 List of acts finalized Sat April 13, 2024 Evergreen's Got Talent 2024 at Evergreen High School. Tech 3-6pm, show 6-9pm
Fri, April 19, 2024 Conifer’s Got Talent 2024 at Conifer High School. Tech 3-6 pm; Show 6-9pm

Wed June 26, 2024    Lakehouse
Wed July 10, 2024      Buchanan fields
Wed July 24, 2024      Lakehouse
Wed Aug 7, 2024        Buchanan fields

Note that performers will only participate in one 'Got Talent'
 show.  Winners will only participate in one EPRD summer concert.  

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Will your act need any pre-recorded music or other audio played over the sound system provided?  If so, please paste a link to an mp3 or youtube video in the next question.  *
Please paste the link to your prerecorded music/karaoke file here. If none, type LIVE.  If you only have the file in mp3 explain that here and email it to andy@thepotters.us. *
Will your act need any instruments or props?  If so list them below (we will assume you are bringing them.  We will provide chairs, a sound system, mics, one music stand, and a piano.) *
Anything else we should know about your act?  Anything the emcee should announce about you or your act? *
SCHOOLS - Let us know the current/last school the student attended from the following list (or add your school at the bottom) *
PERFORMING ARTS ORGANIZATIONS - Let us know the student's affiliation with the following local performing arts organizations (if any).  If not listed, what other local organizations or instructors or affiliations have played an important role in the performer's development?  List any that apply, current and past affiliation OK!  *
PARENTS - If you are interested in helping with either/both Got Talent productions (beyond being an act supervisor), please check below what you are interested in, check any/all that apply: *
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