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Welcome to LetsStopAIDS' #HEYCOVID19 Campaign. We are looking for talented translators (like yourself) that could help us translate into many languages!

If you can translate to multiple languages, please re-fill out this form (1 language at a time!)
1. SPELLING/GRAMMAR - It really matters. We trust that you are using accurate spelling and grammar that would accurately explain the tone and message we are trying to convey.

2. DETAIL - Do not forget periods, commas or other accents, as our designers will only be able to use whatever you submit (and, they won't know if anything is missing).

3. Contact Details -- We ask for your email so that if we need help with the translations or don't understand the spacing, that you can help us.

4. KEEP IT SHORT -- We are so limited on space that we have had to set some control limits for the first two questions. The shorter the better.

5. KEEP NOTES -- if you have any issues and you want to explain them, you can write in that section. Remember -- our designers may not understand the language and need your help to approve the final artwork.

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Please write the translated language in its language [For Example -- Français (French) or हिन्दी (Hindi)]
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