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On January 15, 2021, a graduate class at the University of Houston at the Jack J. Valenti School of Communication came together to counter targeted violence and terrorism as well as empower a sense of community connectedness through first-person perspectives and experiences. We believe small things can make a big difference, and with this pledge, we hope our campaign sheds light on how seemingly “small” instances of racism and hate speech can lay the foundation for normalizing overt acts of racially charged violence and extremism.

Our campaign provides support and resources to all members of the community, especially to UH students, faculty, and staff. Please reach out if you need support: We are here for you.

How the Standpoint Pledge Works (#standpointUH): Pledge to create a welcoming and safe climate for our racially diverse communities. Help us abolish hate. To participate in the Pledge, please do the following:

(1) Complete the pledge here
(2) Follow us on Instagram at @standpoint_uh and/or on Facebook at @StandPoint2021. Tell others to follow us as well. Spread the word - let others know we are here!
(3) Read the resources page on our website for any of the communities (
(4) Share personal stories on social media (remember to #standpointUH) or on our website (
(5)Attend one of the trainings on countering hate crimes
(6) Read a book, watch a movie, or listen to a podcast about the experiences of another racial group and tag us on Instagram and/or Facebook after you've completed it
(7) Receive a virtual badge and/or a sticker (when supplies are available.) Proudly display to spread awareness. Note: You may complete the pledge multiple times to get multiple stickers.
(8) Report/flag hate speeches online


If you have any questions about this Pledge, please contact us at
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By signing your name below, you pledge to take action by committing to create a welcoming and safe climate for the racially diverse community. You pledge to complete at least two tasks from the list of activities above. TYPE YOUR NAME BELOW: * *
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