Virtual Incubator & Apprentice Participants Questionaire
The platforms that creatives as independent have access to, are converging. you can access info and by extension product online, offline, Mobile, Tablet, Web, Tv, print... Fashion for that matter any creative concept is not only product it is also content, service and merchandise and at any moment any designer in any part of the diaspora is showing or selling to a consumer who could be in any part of the world!

Soon There will be a web series series that directly address the challenges these entrepreneurs will need to face from a project that has have been proactive in preparing local businesses to succeed in a connected global economy.

Our goal is to start businesses on their way so that they would be already generating income to cover cost as they grow.
This is an online Lean Startup model that is fast tract and intense. Timely execution of steps is key to success, as in direct and honest communication about challenges and access to support etc

To qualify fill out this form ' I will contact you for a 10 minute one on one and send you details on Program!
The "sale" is one sure format of defining Successful selling online and offline for creatives
How to maximize yor sales
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Schedule an online One on One by 6 pm End of Offer July 4th 12pm 2013 *
10-15 minutes- EST via skype or Hangout/chat- Final participation is based on selection. We are Looking for persons with existing product or services. Those that sign up after June 30th will pay the regular Introductory rate No exception.
Current Monthly Earnings *
If you are uncomfortable speaking in terms of Financial Goals... well that is teh first challenge you will address. This is not a test Just a general question however we plan to address success in terms of a number or criteria including numbers!
Projected Earning in Six months - Dec 3013 *
What You would Like to aim at ...
Projected Earnings in One year June 30th 2014 *
Projected Earnings in One year June 30th 2016 *
What are the other challenges you wish to address? *
Do You have Production(service facilitators) if so What is your monthly capacity! *
Are you willing to commit to be ready for consumers/buyers by February 2014
In Short can You commit the time and resources needed to get your business moving. You will be apprised of the full package before our one on one call! we start the moment you sign up. The program begins January 1st .
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