RECREATION: Tomichi / Cochetopa, Cebolla, Taylor & Gunnison Mainstem
Your responses to these questions will help the Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District and its partners to develop a Watershed Management Plan and to prioritize the projects or programs that will protect existing uses and improve watershed health through 2050. We want to hear your ideas on how recreational water resource uses could be managed to protect existing uses and to improve local watershed health.
Please let us know if we can contact you for an interview regarding your responses to the questionnaire.
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What type of recreational water use categories would you best be associated with? (Select all that apply)
Which river segments in the Gunnison Watershed do you recreate on? e.g., Taylor River: New Generation to South Bank
How do you decide whether to float on any given day? Please indicate which River Reach and how you make your decision (e.g. USGS real-time stream flow gage, visual observation of flow levels, other website or resource (please provide), location of indicator rock, outfitter or guiding store, etc.)
Are there any notable obstacles where you recreate? Examples: large strainers, fences, low bridges, etc. Where are they located? Please be as specific as possible.
What do you enjoy about the river segments you’ve identified that you recreate on? Examples: relaxing float, social opportunity, close to town, exciting and difficult whitewater, etc.
Are there areas on private property where you touch the river bottom or riverbanks? Please explain where and why. If there are specific flow levels (cfs) when this occurs, please indicate here.
Are there unsafe flows (cfs) to float sections of the Gunnison Mainstem, Taylor, or Cebolla? Provide explanation and estimate flow, if possible, and please indicate your craft type and skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Examples: low bridge becomes impassable, too rowdy for your skill level, etc.
What could be done, if anything, to improve recreational opportunities in the Taylor, Gunnison Mainstem, Cebolla? (quality, quantity, and/or safety)?
What are your top 3 priorities for infrastructure improvements in the Gunnison Watershed? Examples: parking area, bathrooms, boater-friendly fences, etc.
What is your biggest concern about the future of recreational water uses in the Gunnison watershed?
Please select the top three issues affecting the Gunnison Watershed (primarily the Taylor River, Gunnison River, and Tomichi Creek watersheds):
What are the top three areas/issues that the Gunnison Water Management Plan should focus on (primarily on the Taylor River, Gunnison River, and Tomichi Creek/Cochetopa, or Cebolla watersheds)?
Which of the following social media do you use?
Are there additional objectives or issues that you would like to see addressed through this watershed management planning process?
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