Thank you for your interest in offering your talents for the Earthwork Harvest Gathering Kids' Tent 2022!
We are looking for people to plan and lead activities, crafts, workshops and performances.  Please propose your ideas using this form.  If you have any questions you can contact Jessie at  Some general guidelines are provided to help you, but feel free to think outside the box too.

- Fun for kids
- Chaos-tolerant (those long orderly lines of kids waiting to do a craft that you sometimes see at others festivals are not something that we believe in at the Kids' Tent)
- Goofy, enlightening, uplifting, educational, or all of the above
- Easy for volunteers to understand in order to help you
- Easy for parents to understand in order to help their children
- Adaptable to weather conditions (we have a large tent as well as an open area available - but rain and wind happen regularly)
- Adaptable to different group sizes (often 10-20, sometimes up to 50)
- Done in a way that minimizes waste, both in process and in result (activities: are the supplies/equipment reusable?  crafts: will kids actually want to take it home and keep it awhile?  does it require long drying times or anything else that might lead it to be abandoned at the tent?)

Please propose an entire program (lasting 45 minutes or more), or specify if your idea would be best as part of a bigger package.  For example, for crafts we often like to have 2 or 3 going at once; you can submit a few together, or submit one and mention that you'd like us to pair it with others.

If proposing more than one program (multiple blocks of 45 minutes or more), please just submit the form again for each one.

For general festival information, visit

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What's your idea? *
Describe your activity/craft/performance that you would like to do in the Kids' Tent.  Please be as detailed as possible.
What age range of children is it best for?   *
Please note that the Kids' Tent serves kids ages 4-14, with most of the kids being 4-8.  We strongly prefer activities that are accessible and enjoyable to all.  If there is any age that you would need to exclude (for safety reasons et cetera) or that you think would have no interest in your activity, please specify.
How long would your activity last? *
We typically schedule things in 45-minute blocks (excluding setup and cleanup time) but can do longer blocks as needed.
What supplies will it require?  Are you able to provide everything needed, or do you need help with supplies/equipment? *
Tell us a bit about yourself. *
Your experience working with children, your history with music festivals, your strengths and challenges, or just what interests and inspires you - basically, whatever you think we should know.
Will anyone else be helping you?  Please tell us about them. *
There will also be 2 volunteers available to help.
Do you have any questions or additional comments?
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