Build Your Teaching Experience - BYTE 2020 Call for Presentations
The BYTE 2020 (Build Your Teaching Experience) Conference is Friday, February 21, 2020 at Glenboro School in Glenboro, Manitoba.

BYTE 2020 is Manitoba’s largest technology conference on enhancing teaching and learning with 21st Century skills. The focus is on building teachers’ skills so they can confidently utilize Information and Communication technologies in creative, collaborative, and ethical ways in classroom or collegial settings.

We welcome your ideas for presentations based on our theme of Rich Learning Environments. We are seeking workshops from teachers sharing what they do in their classrooms to promote student learning around the use of technology and best practice. This could include topics such as computational thinking, design, robotics, AR & VR, tools for literacy & numeracy, adaptive technologies, among many other possibilities. Workshops involving Google for Education and other Google technologies are especially welcome. Presenters who design workshops should keep effective pedagogy in mind.

Please submit your ideas for a presentation or workshop that you would be willing to present at BYTE 2020.

Note: Each presentation/workshop session must be submitted separately.

Proposals for presentations (1 hour or 2-hour sessions) will be reviewed based on: relevance to the conference theme, originality, contribution to instructional practice, interest for specific BYTE audience, and clarity of the purpose of the session.

Not all proposals will be selected. The Conference Committee may request presenters to revise their submissions and/or present jointly with others who have submitted proposals on similar topics. To ensure a balanced program, the Committee reserves the right to solicit presentations in addition to those received through this Call for Presentations.

Those who submit proposals will be notified of the results by November 22, 2019.
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We would like to provide opportunities for people to attend sessions that fill up quickly. It would be appreciated if you are willing to repeat your session so that more people have an opportunity to attend.
Part 3: Equipment Requirements
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Select all that apply. All rooms are supplied with a projector, and Internet access. Hands on sessions with tablets or laptops require participants to provide their own hardware.
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Part 4: Estimated Expenses
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$30 for a single session and $60 for a double session. For workshops with multiple presenters, BYTE will pay a maximum honorarium of $50 per workshop to share between presenters for a single session; $100 to share between presenters for a double session.
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Travel Costs (over 130 km)
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We will not reimburse accommodation for presenters travelling under 130km.
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