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Incoming wiring is complete per NEC requirements and lugs are properly tightened.
The required NEC clearance in front of the panel (36") is available.
Incoming voltage and frequency matches the controller nameplate voltage.
Control panel is properly grounded.
All piping is complete.
Low water level float is installed
Valves move freely and seal when closed
Skid is properly secured
Flex connectors installed on system connections
Piping is complete without load on skid
Expansion tank is charged to 10 psi below duty point pressure. Tank discharge piping must be open to atmosphere when filling with air.
Motor rotation has been verified
Running current does not exceed FLA listed in submittal data.
All pumps start in hand
All pumps start in auto
Operation is smooth and without abnormal or excessive noise
Low water level disables skid when contact opens
Pumps alternate on each start in auto
Pump running dry contacts function
General alarm dry contacts function
Check valves properly seal and do not allow water to flow back in to sump
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